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Press Releases

During the course of the project, the project partners will disseminate press releases, providing information on the project set up, content and results for the public in their own region. These press releases can be found through the links underneath.
First Press Releases in April 2010 
South Holland South -  Tallinn - Euro Perspective FoundationMirandela - Aveiro - Forli-Cesena - Thesprotia
Other press releases 2010
The second Thematic Seminar was organized in Aveiro June 21 - 22th 2010.  Information about this seminar - in Portugese- can be found in this press release and in this article on the Aveiro website.

The thirth thematic seminar was organized in Tallinn September 2010. Information about this seminar - in Estonian- can be found in this press release.  Information about the fourth thematic seminar, organized in Forli October 2010, can be found in this press release, articles and on the RomagnaNOI and RomagnaOggi websites (in Italian)
The last thematic seminar in 2010 was organized in Thesprotia, in December. Information about this seminar - in Greek- can be found in this press release.

Press releases 2011
The sixth Thematic Seminar was organized in Dordrecht (SHS) Februari 2011. Information can be found in this press releases, article in a Portugese newspaper and on the Noticias Ribeirinhas and RádioTNova websites. See also this article in a Dutch Natura2000 magazine.
In Mirandela the seventh thematic seminar was organized, April 2011. Information about this seminar can be found in this press release, on the  Nordeste website and the website of Forli-Cesena. See also the RomagnaOggi website.

Information about the eight thematic seminar, organized in Gabrovo June 2011, can be found in this article, See also this article
The ninth Thematic Seminar was organized in Epirus September 2011. Information about this seminar can be found in this articles

Spring 2012: Brochures Launched

Seminars 2012
The first seminar in 2012, the 12th of the project, was organized in Forli, January 25th and 26th. Look here for the pressreleases and articles about this seminar.
The 13th Thematic Seminar was organized by the municipality of Mirandela, March 6th and 7th. Click on this link for the press release and the articles.
The 16th and last Seminar was in Aveiro. During the second day a pressconference was organized. See here a nice video from the local TV.

Closing seminars
October 25th 2012 the closing conference of the project was organized in Dordrecht. Click here to see the Dutch pressrelease and here for some articles. Other articles about the closing conference or the local closing seminars you can find here.