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News : Spring 2014: 3 PRISMA conferences about MiSRaR approach !

PRISMA conferences
The Prisma project has organized 3 conferences about the MiSRaR approach Spring 2014. The first conference has been held in Stara Zagora, March 12th. The second in Tallinn April 15th and the last conference in Aveiro, May 15th.

Many local governments throughout the EU are confronted with increasing safety risks. EU and national guidelines help to develop risk management strategies. However, structural risk mitigation, in direct connection with spatial development policy, is not that easy.

Seven local and regional governments within the EU have joined forces in the InteregIVC project MISRAR to develop a strategy for local risk assessment and risk management. The result was written down in the MISRAR handbook, available in seven languages.
Five partners started a follow up project, PRISMA, with contribution from de EU. The goal of PRISMA is to validate the MISRAR approach in the daily work situation and to disseminate the findings from the MiSRAR project.

To share and discuss our practical experiences and lessons learnt with other local, regional and also national governments we organized 3 international conferences. These conferences has been held:
  • Wednesday March 12th 2014 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
  • Tuesday April 15th 2014 in Tallinn, Estonia
  • Thursday May 15th 2014 in Aveiro, Portugal

Topics in these conferences were:
  • Current developments in EU policies for risk management.
  • Local risk management strategies for forest fires, urban fires, SEVESO industries and transport of dangerous substances.
  • Forum discussion on the future of local and national risk assessment and management.
  • Practical lessons on risk management from the experiences of local governments in Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands and Portugal during the MiSRaR project

The conferences were very successful and attended by 40 - 50 participants each. For a brief report on the conferences including the possibility to download the presentations, please click here.

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