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News : First MiSRaR Brochure launched in Mirandela March 6th 2012

The MiSRaR project partners are working on a handbook concerning risk assessment and mitigation planning. The goal is to present this all over European Mitigation Handbook during the MiSRaR closing conference, October 25th 2012.
During the first half year of 2012, three brochures will be published. Each brochure will go into one of the three central phases of the mitigation process. These phases will also be at the core of the mitigation handbook. The handbook and the brochures will be written in English and translated in Dutch, Estonian, Bulgarian, Greek, Italian and Portuguese. The first brochure (on Risk Assessment) will be published in March 2012. During the seminar in Mirandela, the Portuguese brochure will be launched.

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