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Results so far : MiSRaR Closing Conference - October 2012

Date: 25-10-2012 - 25-10-2012
Time: 09:00 - 18:00
Location: Dordrecht


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Successful closing conference MiSRaR project

More than 45 participants from nine countries participated in the closing conference of the MiSRaR project on Thursday, October 25th at the City Hall of Dordrecht .

The Director General of the Safety Region South-Holland South, Peter Bos looked back at the start of the project and highlighted the importance of a pro-active approach for safety regions in spatial development. He indicated that SHS has learned a lot from the project and his region is more aware of the need to act at an early stage in order to effectively influence processes relevant to security and safety in the region.

The second speech was held by the representative of the Intereg4c program; Mahesh Bhardway. He called MiSRaR a striking and well executed example of a project from the Interreg4c program. He gave attendees an overview of the results achieved by the program and a brief look at future developments within the program.

Subsequently, representatives of the various partners held presentations on aspects of the project, with subjects like risk assessment, the use of Cost Benefit Analysisbringing together safety and spatial planning, citizen participation, (international) cooperation and local lessons learned in Tallinn. At the end of the afternoon Paulo Lemos, engineer in Bedford in the USA, presented a comparison between the European approach and the approach in the United States.

The day ended with the official presentation of the MiSRaR Handbook. The first copy of the MiSRaR handbook was given to the Chairman of the International Steering Group, Antoin Scholten, by the project leader Nico van Os. He praised the fantastic collaboration between the partners, the excellent results and the developed friendship between the participants . The project is a foundation for further cooperation and support to each other in shaping local safety policies.He also thanked all the Dutch and international organizations that have contributed to the project. Finally, he expressed his gratitude to the Intereg4c program for enabling this project and the support provided by the program during project implementation.

The handbook is currently only available in English but it will be translated into the languages ​​of all participants in the coming months. All versions of the brochures and the handbook are or will be available on this project website.


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