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Results so far : 15th Thematic Seminar: European Mitigation Handbook

Date: 13-06-2012 - 14-06-2012
Time: 09:00 - 18:00
Location: Tallinn


The 15th MiSRaR thematic seminar will be organized on the 13th and 14th of June 2012 in Tallinn. The project partners will use this seminar to cooperatively prepare and draft the final European Mitigation handbook.



The seminar started with a welcome and an introduction by the City Of Tallinn. A short presentation was given about the purpose of this seminar. The overall objective was to obtain final input for the handbook and to share ideas about dissemination and the implementation of the MiSRaR lessons.

During the first morning session, partners presented their own ideas about these subjects, based on the lessons learned as discussed in the 14th seminar in Gabrovo. During their presentations the participants informed the other partners about the objectives for the future, based on the lessons learned in the MiSRaR project, the expected developments (national, regional, local in their own organization or in relation with their mitigation partners), the ideas on dissemination and implementation local and national and finally their dilemma’s an final remarks.

The presentations were very informative for the other partners but also led the participants to think about the necessary changes in their own organization and their own methods and processes. After the presentations participants used the time till the lunch to discuss in couples their ambition for the short term to improve their own work and their personal dilemma’s and difficulties to do so. Using each other as a personal coach was very enriching and a good base for further collaboration after the project.

Field trip

The field trip in the afternoon was organized to the local water treatment plant, a big factory close to the harbor and to the area with historic wooden houses.

All mentioned places are in the same part of the city and it became clear that safety – especially in the area with the wooden houses - in this part of Tallinn and the further – spatial – development have to be strongly connected to reach results.

The next day started with a short feedback session on the discussions in the first morning. After this, participants discussed for the last time about the handbook. This discussion was very useful and led to further sharpening of the text of the handbook.

In the afternoon the partners “experimented” in subgroups with using the MiSRaR approach in a case about the safety problems in the area with the wooden houses. The three subgroups came, based on the information given by Tallinn and the image they had of the district following the visit the previous day, each with their own approach.

Of course this was not more than an exercise, but the results provided Tallinn with some useful ideas.

Finally the seminar was closed with a short introduction on the next seminar and the traditional flag ceremony.

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