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Results so far : 14th Thematic Seminar on Overall Mitigation Planning Conclusions

Date: 17-05-2012 - 18-05-2012
Time: 09:00 - 18:00
Location: Gabrovo


The 14th thematic seminar will be organized by EPF in the city of Gabrovo. Participants will discuss the overall lessons learnt during the project thematic seminars. The result of this seminar will be used to write the second and third brochure and will play a central role during the drafting of the European Mitigation Handbook.




The seminar started as usual with an introduction round for new participants and a short presentation about the purpose of this seminar. The overall objective was to obtain final input for the handbook and to reach a final agreement on all the conclusions of the previous seminars and to take final decisions on the outline of the handbook.

To reach these goals, partners presented their own “top 10 of lessons learnt from the MiSRaR project”, plenary discussed on general conclusions, discussed in subgroups about some topics and discussed the content of the handbook.

The presentation of the different “top 10 lists” was very useful, not only to inform the partners but also to make up their own minds and start the discussion in the partners work situation. Special attention was given to internal dissemination and consequences of the MiSRaR approach for their own organization.

After these presentations, Ruud Houdijk started the plenary discussion about the different topics of the seminars. One by one, all different steps of the mitigation process were discussed in detail and the conclusions were validated by the group.
The result will be used to prepare the final handbook and the 2nd and 3rd brochure.

Field trip
The field trip was organized this time in the city of Gabrovo. Partners visited the main area of the technical university, Bakoici and the local kindergarten. Ex-Mayor mr Bogomil Belchev showed the group several examples of local landslide problems and told about the mitigation measures taken. Other planned fieldtrips had to be canceled by course of the bad weather conditions that day.

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