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Results so far : 11th thematic seminar on Financing and Legal Framework

Date: 29-11-2011 - 30-11-2011
Time: 09:00 - 16:00
Location: Tallinn


In Tallinn the participants will discuss about the different ways to finance risk mitigation measures and the legal framework what can be used. Every partner will give a presentation about the situation in his own country.



As usual the first day of this seminar started with an introduction on the subject.
SHS started with a presentation about the national legislation related to mitigation and the different roles & responsibilities of the public- and private bodies in the Netherlands. Also a quick overview was given about the related budgets with some more specific examples. An important message in the presentation was that nonspecific budgets like budgets for infrastructure and nature are much more important then budgets specific for mitigation or safety. That’s why it is important to use your network to reach mitigation goals.
A practice on finding financing from other institutions was described by the case of making the Dordrecht district “Wielwijk” climate proof.

North Tallinn also described the relevant legal framework in Estonia and the method to appoint state agencies to prepare emergency plans or to be included in the planning process. A problem in Estonia is that it is not aloud for municipalities to work with private-public partnership constructions. For that reason it is less easy to cooperate with private partners to mitigate risks, using a win-win situation.

The legislation and responsible public institutions, relevant to risk mitigation and risk management in Bulgaria were described by the representative of EPF. Special attention was given to the responsibilities and role s from the private sector, according to the Territorial Planning Act. Also an overview was given about the methods of funding of mitigation measures. An interesting part of the presentation was about the Interministerial Commission for Reconstruction ans Assistance.
A good example of cooperation with private partners is the involvement of Bulgarian red Cross in not only crisis management but also disaster prevention.

The region of Epirus explained how the legal framework on mitigation and Spatial Planning is organized. The representative of Epirus also explained which budgets are used to implement important mitigation measures and who decides on these budgets. Examples were given of situations that more organizations (public-public or public-private) have been cooperating by taking mitigation measures.

As all other partners, the province of Forli-Cesena started the presentation with an overview of the relevant legislation in Italy. Special attention also was given to the responsibilities, mandates and budgets of public institutions in case of mitigation and also the legal responsibilities of private companies and civil society. As a best practice, a very interesting case was presented about Public-private Partnership. The authorization for the exploitation of the quarry “Palazzina”(gravel and sand), located along the river Savio near the city of Cesena, has been granted to a private company that, after the completion of its extracting activities, must realize a flooding basin that will be flooded in case of flooding of the Savio river.

The municipalities of Aveiro and Mirandela together presented the legal framework on mitigation in Portugal. A overview was given on the responsibilities and mandates of all kind of public organisations, private companies and civil society. Interesting examples were given of national and EU projects on prevention and protection of forest against fires. After the presentations a intensive discussion took place about the shown practices and advantages and disadvantages of cooperation with public parties in PPP-constructions.

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