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Sharing Good Practices
During the course of the project, all partners will share their practices on the different stadia of the spatial relevant disaster mitigation process. These practices are related to the different steps of the mitigation process and to the most common crisis types in the partner regions. In the overview underneath you will find all the best practices exchanged until now. Click on the link for a short description. Click on  for a powerpoint presentation and on  for annexes.

Partner subject Hazard/theme
Hazard identification
Tallinn presentationRisk mapping Natura 2000
Mirandela Risk mapping Flooding
Aveiro presentationRisk mapping Flooding
Forli Flooding hazard identification Flooding
Mirandela presentationRisk mapping Forest fires
Forli presentationWood fire hazard identification     Forest fires
Forli Land slides hazard identification Land slides
South-Holland South example province of Limburglink to website risk map South HollandpresentationRiskmapping                                               All hazard
Risk analysis
Aveiro presentationModelling Coastal Vulnerabilities Coastal erosion
Forli presentationLand slides risk analysis Land slides
Epirus Weather risk reduction (RISKMED) Extreme weather
Risk evaluation
Mirandela presentationPrioritizing risks for Natura 2000 Natura 2000
Aveiro presentationPrioritizing risks All hazard
Tallinn Risk evaluation Natura 2000 Natura 2000
South-Holland South presentationEvaluation of flood risk management Flooding
Thesprotia presentationCoordination public bodies involved in mitigation Overall
South-Holland South Education fire preparedness children Fires
Whole process of risk assessment and mitigation
South-Holland South presentationRegional risk assessment inThe NetherlandsNational Riskassesment (English)National guideline risk assessment All hazard
South-Holland South presentationRisk management Natura 2000 Natura 2000
Thesprotia presentationRisk management Kalamas-Acherontas rivers Natura 2000
EPF / Gabrovo presentationwebsite Bulgarka Natural ParkProtection Bulgarka  Natura 2000
Forli presentationProtection of biodiversity Natura 2000
Crisis management
EPF / Gabrovo presentationRegional Crisis Committee All hazard
Thesprotia presentationEarly warning and fire management system Forest fires
EPF / Gabrovo presentationwebsite weathermod-bg.euHail suppression system  Extreme weather
Setting Objectives
EPF / Gabrovo Setting objectives for a fire mitigation plan  Forest fires
South-Holland South Setting objectives rail zone Transport dangerous goods
Forli Methodology for setting objectives Hydraulic / geomorphological
Aveiro Setting objectives Floods / forest fires
Thesprotia Setting objectives All hazard
Tallinn Setting objectives Dangerous goods
Capability Assessment
Aveiro Capability assessment All hazard
Epirus Capability assessment sea port Igoumenitsa Dangerous goods
Forli Capability assessment: the case of Cesenatico Floods
EPF / Gabrovo Mitigation instruments Land slides
Mirandela Capability assessment All hazard
South-Holland South Capability assessment in the sea port of Dordrecht Dangerous goods
Tallinn Capability assessment All hazard
Mitigation Instruments  
Aveiro Mitigation Instruments Floods
Aveiro Mitigation Instruments 2 Floods
Epirus Spatial Mitigation Instruments in the Region of Epirus Forest fire and floods
Epirus Spatial mitigation instruments for floods Floods
Epirus A web application developing children's awareness of natural disasters  
Epirus Protect myself and the others: educational programme  
EPF / Gabrovo Land slide mitigation and prevention Land slides
EPF / Gabrovo Mitigation instruments in the Natura Park Bulgarka Land slides & erosion
Forli The landslide risk in Province Forlì-Cesena Land slides
Forli Mitigation Instruments case study forest fires Forest fire
Mirandela Mitigation Instruments in Mirandela Forest fire
Mirandela Safety Measures taken by Industrial Complexes Industrial safety
South-Holland South Transport of dangerous goods Dangerous goods
South-Holland South Multi Level Safety Floods
Tallinn Mitigation Plan for the Alternative Water Supply  
Tallinn Mitigationplan for fire hazards  Fires
Mitigation Planning
Aveiro Mitigation Planning  
Epirus Mitigation Planning: snowfall and frost  Extreme weather
Epirus Spatial Planning in the Municipality of Igoumenitsa.  
EPF / Gabrovo Regional plan for protection against disasters and Plan for
conducting rescue and emergency recovery activities
 All hazard
Forli Mitigation Planning  
Mirandela Mitigation Planning  
South-Holland South Mitigation Planning: case Thurenborg Transport / dangerous goods
Tallinn Mitigation Planning  
Cost Benefit Analysis
Aveiro presentation 3presentation 2presentation 1CBA coastal erosion  Coastal erosion
Epirus CBA: study for the impacts of climat change in Greece  Climate change
EPF / Gabrovo Financial sustainibility for national systems of protected areas  Natura 2000
Forli CBA Basis authority of the Romagna rivers  Land slides and floods
Mirandela CBA  Forest fire
South-Holland South Chain study of LPG  Transport / dangerous goods
South-Holland South CBA's in South Holland South  Transport / dangerous goods
  European Guide to COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS of investment projects  
Financing & legal framework
Aveiro / Mirandela Financing and legal framework in Portugal  
Epirus Financing and legal framework in Epirus-Greece  
Epirus Preconditions for the creation and operation of petrol station  
Epirus  A general framework for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development  
Epirus Creation of a framework for the protection and efficient management of water resources  
Epirus Mandates used by Public Administration for the protection of the environment  
EPF / Gabrovo Financing and legal framework in Bulgaria  
Forli Financing and legal framework in the Province of Forlì-Cesena  
South-Holland South Financing and legal framework in the Netherlands  
Tallinn Financing and legal framework in Tallinn North  
Lobby and Advocacy
Epirus Lobby and Advocacy in Epirus-Greece  
EPF / Gabrovo Lobby and Advocacy in Bulgaria  
Forli Flood risk management works in the catchment of Cesenatico  
Forli Lobby and Advocacy in the Province of Forlì-Cesena  
Mirandela Introduction on lobby and advocacy in Mirandela  
South-Holland South Lobby and advocacy Safety region SHS - the Netherlands  
Tallinn Lobby and Advocacy In Tallinn  
Monitoring and Evaluation
Aveiro Monitoring and Evaluation Aveiro  
Epirus Monitoring and Evaluation in Greece  
EPF / Gabrovo Monitoring and Evaluation in Bulgaria  
Forli Monitoring and Evaluation in Province Forlì-Cesena  
Mirandela Monitoring & Evaluation in Mirandela Municipality  
South-Holland South Monitoring and enforcement  
Tallinn Monitoring and Evaluation In Tallinn