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Sharing Best Practices
During the course of the project, all project partners share their experiences with the different steps and methods in the mitigation process. Some of these experiences or methods will be described as so called "Best Practices".  On this page you will find these described Best Practices. The provided information comprises of summaries of the practices. If you are interested in further more specific information, please contact  the involved projectmanager. He or she will be more than happy to help you futher.  
Identified Best Mitigation Practice Involved Partner Contact Point
Risk Assessment in the Safety Region South-Holland South SR-SHS (NL) ruud@houdijkconsultancy.eu
Flood Risk Mapping in the Municipality of Aveiro Aveiro (PT) misrar@cm-aveiro.pt
Protection of the Bulgarka Natural Park against Safety Risks EPF (BU) mary_basheva@abv.bg
A Study on the Environmental, Economic and Social Impacts of Climate Change in Greece Epirus (GR) nimpatzi@thesprotia.gr
Instruments used against Forest Fires in the Region of Epirus Epirus (GR) nimpatzi@thesprotia.gr
Mitigation Planning for Snowfall and Frost Epirus (GR) nimpatzi@thesprotia.gr
Cost-Benefit Analysis for Flood and Landslide Safety in the Romagna Rivers Basin Forlì-Cesena,
Forest Fire Risk Assessment and Mitigation Mirandela (PT) misrar@cm-mirandela.pt
Extreme Weather Risks in Bulgaria: Hail Storms EPF (BU) mary_basheva@abv.bg
Mitigation Planning for Earthquakes in Greece Epirus (GR) nimpatzi@thesprotia.gr
Cost-Benefit Analysis of (past) coastal erosian and (future) coastal protection interventions in Central Portugal Aveiro (PT) peter.roebeling@ua.pt
Risk Analysis Modelling Coastal Floods Vulnerabilities (Portugal) Aveiro (PT) malves@ua.pt
Conclusions of mitigation in North Tallinn Tallinn (ES) Jaan@procivitas.ee
Monitoring & evaluation for ice and snow cleaning Tallinn (ES) Jaan@procivitas.ee
Mitigation instruments for watersuply and waste water management Tallinn (ES) Jaan@procivitas.ee
Mitigation instruments for fire security in North Tallinn Tallinn (ES) Jaan@procivitas.ee
Public-private partnership for financing mitigation plans:
a case study in the Province of Forlì-Cesena
Forlì-Cesena (IT)
Methodology for landslide risk analysis in the Province of Forlì-Cesena Forlì-Cesena (IT)
Lobby and advocacy in the Province of Forlì-Cesena Forlì-Cesena (IT)
Tipping Point - Mainstreaming Opportunity method applied for an urban stormwater system in Dordrecht (The Netherlands)  SR-SHS (NL) n.van.os@vrzhz.nl 
 “PMDFCI” an instrument to make political choices and setting goals  Mirandela (PT) misrar@cm-mirandela.pt 
Prescribed burning as an instrument for mitigation of forest fires  Mirandela (PT) misrar@cm-mirandela.pt 
Mitigation Planning: Municipal Emergency Plan for Civil Protection
in the municipality of Aveiro
 Aveiro (PT)  misrar@cm-aveiro.pt
Inter-ministerial Commission for recovery and Support  EPF (BU) mary_basheva@abv.bg
How to support risk's prevention through education  EPF (BU) mary_basheva@abv.bg
Safety measures taken in the Industrial Complex  - External Emergency Plan of industrial Zone of Mirandela Mirandela (PT) misrar@cm-mirandela.pt
Province of South-Holland: On-line Risk Identification Map
SR-SHS (NL) n.van.os@vrzhz.nl